How to Fix “Missing Value [Age Group]” Error Using the Bulk Edit Feature

Sync Merchant Center Error:
Here is a quick link to install the app:

On the diagnostics page in the Google Merchant Centre, you will find the list of products having multiple errors including “Missing Age Group”.

The error is highlighted in below-mentioned screenshot:


Here’s how you can solve this error:

  • Click on “Filter products”. Select the option “Errors from Merchant Center” from the drop down menu.
  • After synchronizing the errors, select ‘Missing Age Group Error” and Click on “Add Filter”.
  • Apply respective additional filters to a particular group of products.
  • Assign the right age group attribute to all the products having Missing Age Group error.
  • If all the products are of the same age group, you can fix the error by selecting all the products at once.
  • Once selected, choose the appropriate product age group from the drop down menu. 
  • Click on “Apply in Bulk’.
  • Now, click on the “Pending status” tab
  • Open the product link in the Merchant center by clicking on the product’s merchant center link in the app.image

In the Merchant center, it still displays “Missing Age Group” Error. 

  • The merchant center will update the item status box within 3 minutes.
  • Refresh the product page in the merchant center. You will see that the error is fixed.
  • Now, go to Raw Feed Attribute of content API section, here you will see the age group attribute with the value assigned in the app.