How to use "Bulk Edit Feature" in Simprosys Google Shopping Feed?

Bulk Edit for Gender:
Bulk Edit for Age Group:

When you are working on a store with a relatively large number of products, you need a reliable and efficient system which can help you Add/Update/Delete following values in bulk with fewer efforts:

  • Google Product categories
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Condition
  • Custom Product
  • Custom Labels (0 to 4)
  • Color
  • Size
  • Shipping Label
  • Promotions mapping for specific products
  • Sync meta-fields
To assign above-given values to specific products or groups of products in one go, this app provides robust filtering options.

First, you need to know how filtering works. You must know your product data really well to use "Filtering Feature".

Here's how you can use "Filtering Feature':

1 - Click on "Filter Products":

2 - You can apply the filters of below-listed values:

3 - You can apply multiple filters to reach to a particular group of products.
4 - Once you have reached to the particular group of products which needs to assign same value either for Google Product category or Gender or Color or Shipping Label or Custom Label or Size, select the products as given in the screenshot:
5 - If the filtered products are spread across multiple pages, please follow the process given in this screenshot below:
6 - Once you know you have reached to a particular group of products on which you can apply single value in bulk for all the selected products:
7 - Once you have chosen the right kind of edit for selected products. You will be shown a pop-up, that you can use as per the following screenshot:

8 - Here are the following details of different edits, updates or deletes you can make:
  • Google Product Category: Search the right kind of Google Product Category and select it. Then click on "Apply in Bulk".
  • Set custom product: If you want to mark the product as custom "check the box" in the popup. Then click on "Apply in Bulk". If your product is already marked as custom but now wants to submit the identifiers> 1 - Check the box and then deselect it again. Now, click on "Apply in Bulk".
  • Product Condition: By default, the app sets Product Condition as "New". But, if you want to change the product condition to "Used or Refurbished", just select the right value from the drop-down and then click on "Apply in Bulk".
  • Age-Group: Select the right age group from the drop-down and then click on "Apply in Bulk".
  • Custom Color: When Google disapproves product because it is lacking color details of the product, you can set the color from the app. This addition of color attribute won't be added back to the product in the Shopify. It will be only for the product feed in the merchant center. Put in the color you want to add and then click on "Apply in Bulk".
  • Custom Size: It is the same as custom color, the only difference is Google asking for the size, please add in the size and then click on "Apply in Bulk".
  • Gender: Gender is not present in the app by default. You will have to select the right option from the drop-down and then click on "Apply in Bulk.
  • Custom and Shipping Labels: Just put in the value of the label you want to add and then click on "Apply in Bulk".
  • Set Promotions: If you have set any "Promotion for Specific Products", it will be available as a drop-down option. Select the right one and click on "Apply in Bulk".
9 - All the changes made via bulk edit shall put products in the "Pending" Status, these will be submitted to Google in the next 7 mins ideally.

However, sometimes it can take up to 19 mins. If product status does not change to submitted in the next 20 mins, kindly get in touch with the support team.