How to Rectify the Setup Incomplete Notification in Your Google Analytics Account

After completing the migration from Universal Analytics(UA) to Google Analytics(GA4), you might still see one or both of the following notifications: 

This property’s setup is not complete. Settings may be completed for you based on your original Universal Analytics (UA) property unless you opt-out in the connected UA property.
Some settings from your original Universal Analytics (UA) property may be automatically added to this Google Analytics 4 property. To opt out of adding these settings automatically, go to the Setup Assistant in the connected UA property.

You may follow the instructions below to remove them.

• Click on “Complete Setup” and the page will be redirected to the “Setup Assistant” section.


• If you see the message: "This is your GA4 property. Your connected Universal Analytics property remains unchanged." Click on "Open connected property."


• From here, switch off the "Automatically set up a basic Google Analytics 4 property" toggle.


• Click on "Go to your GA4 property.”


• In your GA4 property, mark all the tasks as completed to stop seeing the notification.

 ○ For each task, click the arrow at the far right.
 ○ Select Mark as complete.

Please make sure you actually complete the tasks, if required, before marking them as completed as you may miss out on some important tasks like Bid on GA4 conversions. Kindly refer to this help doc provided by Google for understanding it better.

imageThe notifications will no longer appear the next time you access this GA4 property. 

Note: You might need to wait for a while after completing the steps as it takes time for the notifications to disappear.