What is "Gender" Attribute in Google Shopping Feed?

Important Note: Please, keep in mind, you should not waste time setting up gender attribute for the products which are not in “Apparel and Clothing” category.

“Before adding the Gender, kindly check the product category.

Make sure that you are applying the Gender attribute only for products included in Apparel and Clothing category. “
Using the gender attribute, we can specify the appropriate gender for which the product is. This helps customers to identify the products thus reducing their search time.

In our app, you will have to define the gender on every individual product page. If you find that the users of all of your products are of same gender, use “Bulk Edit Feature” to edit the gender for all the products at once.

Our app supports all the three gender values viz. male, female and unisex.

Please keep in mind these points while using “Gender” attribute in our app as well as Google:

  • You can set the “Gender” at product level only.
  • Let’s say, you have assigned the “Gender’ to a particular product. The same will be assigned to its variants automatically. 
  • If your product variants are for different genders, our support team will help you in assigning “Gender” to them. 
  • Apply the filter “women” to identify all those products to which only the gender ‘Female” can be assigned.
  • Similarly, apply the filter “men” to identify all those products to which only the gender “Male” can be assigned.
  • To all those products that can be used by both men as well as women, we will assign only the gender “Unisex”. image
Here is a quick link to install the app: https://apps.shopify.com/google-shopping-feed

For any further query, feel free to connect with us at support@simprosys.com

 Last updated Mon, Jul 29 2019 2:49pm

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