What is "Age Group" Attribute in Simprosys Google Shopping Feed?

Important Note: Please, keep in mind, that you should not waste time setting up age group attributes for the products which are not in the “Apparel and Clothing” category.

Age group refers to the age range of the product user. Define the age group within the app on an individual product page or use “Bulk Edit Feature” to add or edit the age group in bulk depending upon the age group of the product users.

Your ad will appear in Google shopping search results if the age group is defined properly.


Here are some points that you must keep in mind before using the ‘Age Group” attribute:

- While using our “Simprosys Google Shopping Feed App”, you can set the Age group at product level only.
- Once you assign the “Age Group” attribute to any product, it will be assigned automatically to all the variants of the products.
- For assigning different age group to the product variants, you can contact our support team