Best Practices for Feed Optimization

Follow these guidelines and consider applying them to submit high-quality product data feeds. Make sure that the data in your product feed matches your product information on the landing page.

➞ Product Title and Description

◆Craft informative product titles that highlight and emphasize important product details, especially if users are likely to use these values in their search terms. For example: brand names, color, size, product type or category, pattern, material, use case, and model number (if applicable).

For example: If you are selling women’s partywear dresses, the product title could look like: Ladyce Boutique Sexy Slash Neck Sequined Hollow-Out White Midi Off-Shoulder Bandage Party Dress - H5223

◆Strategically optimize your product description from the perspective of users. Consider what information they are looking for in a product and ensure it's readily available. 

For example:
    ‣ If you are selling furniture you must include the parameters such as height, width, length, and product weight, in your product description. 
    ‣ If you are selling any kitchen appliances you should include things like use cases, maintenance, how to wash and clean that appliance, etc.

➞ High-quality images for your products

◆ Use high-quality images that provide a clear, detailed representation, enhancing user experience to showcase your products effectively. High-quality images capture customers' attention and are more likely to appear up front in relevant search results. In the case of apparel, showcasing your products with models can engage more prospects for your products.

◆ Consider adding lifestyle image link attributes to showcase real-world use cases of your product. (This is a game-changing attribute for Home Decor and Furniture)

◆ Apart from the Image link attribute and lifestyle image link attribute, consider adding more images with an additional image link attribute to provide a more holistic view of your products.

➞ Unique Product Identifiers (GTIN, Brand Name, and MPN)

◆ Provide necessary unique product identifiers (UPIs) in the feed, including the GTIN (Barcode), Brand Name, and MPN (SKU) according to the requirements if your manufacturer has provided it. If you don't add UPIs your product performance tends to get limited.

◆ GTIN helps Google to categorize and match your products to the right query accurately, given that Google may have data for this from the manufacturer. Here is a doc by Google you can refer to.

➞ Product Type and Google Product Category

◆ Choose the correct product type and assign the most relevant Google Product Category (GPC) to ensure your products are categorized appropriately.

◆ GPC plays a role in ensuring that products are categorized correctly. Proper product categorization can indirectly impact taxation by helping ensure that the correct tax rules and rates are applied to products. 

➞ Assign all the Necessary, Required, and Additional attributes according to Product type

◆ Focus on additional attributes that are important to your products, apart from the required attributes you should also submit additional attributes that improve your product visibility. 

◆ Let’s talk about the apparel industry, these are the attributes.


Required as per guidelines




Fabric Details



Sleeve type,  Sleeve 


Age group




Fit and Style



Unique Features

Product Link



Size Type, Size System

Unique Product 

Identifiers (GTIN, Brand, and MPN )

Product Type, Google Product Category

Your product ads would be ready to serve if you keep the mandatory attributes, but if you miss out on required attributes as per guidelines, either your product may get disapproved or product visibility and performance would be limited to poor. 

Adding category-specific required attributes would help Google to match your products to the right user query and improve your ad serving.

For the additional attributes in the above table, you can include them in your
product details, product highlights or description. This may help you to improve your product visibility.

➞ Checkout link template [checkout_link_template]

◆ This attribute lets you provide a checkout URL, which gives users the option to go directly to your checkout page from your free listings. This reduces the number of steps for shoppers and increases the possibility of conversions.

➞ Product ratings feed 

◆ Social proof can provide more engagement on your ads, so consider submitting a product ratings feed. If you are using any product review management app you can ask them to provide you with an XML Feed URL or a CSV file. If you are not yet using a review management app, kindly contact us and we shall help you with it.

➞ Promotion Feed

◆ Everybody loves offers and discounts, it is like an engagement magnet. You can submit a promotion feed either using XML Feed URL. Here is a video that might help you.

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