How to Setup Conversion Tracking and Dynamic Remarketing Code?

What is Conversion Tracking? (What does it do)
  • Conversion tracking is a coding implementation process that helps merchants track actions which are valuable from a business point of view. This action can be anything like signing up for a newsletter, downloading an app, purchasing any item or calling your business.
  • When a customer completes an activity that you've defined as important, these actions are called Conversion.
  • In our case of eCommerce stores, important activities such as purchases are considered as conversions. You can also include Add to Cart and begin Checkout as Soft conversions.
What is Dynamic Remarketing?

Dynamic Remarketing means to specifically re-target those potential customers who visited your site, by showing them ads of the exact same product which they have viewed on your site or added to cart but did not purchase.
Why should you use the app's Conversion Tracking and Dynamic Remarketing tag feature?
  • The code which is available by Google is raw code. You need to modify it and need to pass variables based on the coding language and variables of the website platform.
  • When you do it through our app, you don’t need any coding experience or need any developer’s help to modify and insert the code in your Shopify store.
  • Our app easily adds the Code directly in your Shopify Script by just following a few clicks.
  • The code inserted by the app will track Conversion i.e.(Purchase/sales), Add to Cart Page, Begin Checkout Page and also help you insert Dynamic Remarketing tag with all required parameters with dynamic variables.
  • In simple words, it's easy setup and with the least effort.
How to implement this feature from our app.

login to in our app open the setting page and then click on Google Remarketing and Conversion Tracking.
Login with your Google Ad account, you will need to integrate your Google Ads account with our app.
If you have already integrated previously, then you will see the ‘continue’ button on this page.
Also, you can also create new Conversion and Lead Actions if you have not created manually or using any other 3rd party app in the past.
Note: it is very very important to remove any conversion tracking or Dynamic remarketing script you may have added manually in Shopify Checkout’s additional scripts and theme.

Then select the required options for enabling Google Dynamic Remarketing & Conversion Tracking as per your preference or requirement.
We recommend selecting all of them so it can track all of them.
If you have already used any Conversion Tracking and Dynamic Remarketing and if you want to use any existing conversion actions, please select the one from the bottom. It’s highly recommended to use existing Conversion Actions if you already have them.
Note: There is at least one conversion action active to choose if you wish to use any existing one otherwise, you will have to create a new one.

The merchant who installing Conversion Tracking & Dynamic Remarketing for the first time will only see new Conversion option.
And, If there is any Conversion Action already exists in your Google Ads account, then all such conversion actions will be listed on this page.
If you want to use same Conversion Action for tracking, Please select them or if you like to create new conversion actions then click on new Conversion option.

 Last updated Thu, Jun 4 2020 4:13PM

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