Benefits of submitting products with correct identifiers; Brand, MPN and GTIN

Brand, MPN, and GTIN(Product Identifiers) are the attributes Google uses to "club" same products from Multiple Sellers and puts together in the Single Ad. (Have a look at the below-given screenshot.)

There are two major Benefits of submitting products with Correct Identifiers:

  1. This feature helps you get more impressions at lower bids because you don't need a separate Ad Space.  
  2. Product Ratings collected from other sources are considered for your products too. High Product Rating act as a catalyst in getting more clicks and ultimately the. 

Whereas, if products are submitted without identifiers or products which are submitted as "custom products" will need a separate ad position that comes at a cost. Please CTR on to such products has been observed to be low. Low CTR again leads to fewer visits. 

How to set Brand, MPN and GTIN attributes?

  1. Brand: Google Shopping Feed App picks up the Brand of each product from the Product's Vendor Attribute you set in the Shopify Admin.  Have a look at the screenshot given below. 
  2. MPN: MPN stands for Manufacturer part number and its value is taken from SKU. MPN You can edit MPN Value from Product or Variant information. Please refer the below-given screenshot.
  3.  GTIN: GTIN stands for Global Trade Identification Number. GTIN is picked up from Barcode Field of the app (Refer above-given Screenshot). For more information about GTIN requirement from Google, kindly refer Google's Documentation here. If you are DropShipping, ask your Vendors to Provide GTIN.

Custom Products

If you or your vendors cannot manage any two of these three(Brand, SKU or GTIN), kindly Mark Product as Custom as shown here in the Below Given Screenshots. 

From Product Detail page:

      From Product list page to mark them as custom in bulk


 Last updated Fri, Nov 30 2018 3:46pm

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