Introduction to Variant Exclusion Rules in Feed For Google Shopping

We have just launched support for new Automated Rules for Feed within our app, Currently, you will be able to create a Rule for Excluding the Specific Group of the products or just specific variants from the feed from any particular Destination of Google or entirely from any particular Marketing Platform of Channel entirely. We are also working on supporting other attributes as well.

You will be able to use below listed data sources as a Conditions in conjunction with Operator and value to filter the items from your feed to exclude them that meet the criteria of the condition or Automated Rule.

  1. Product Title
  2. Variant Option name or title
  3. Product Price
  4. Variant Inventory Quantity
  5. Product Type
  6. Brand (Vendor)

You can use multiple conditions or rules together to exclude specific groups of products or variants by selecting “AND”. This can be anything, so long as it doesn’t contradict each other.

For example, you may create an Automated Rule to exclude Women’s Dresses which are priced less than 60.00 US Dollars.


You can also have the multiple rules that act on conditions independently. To do this, select "OR" and enter a second condition, so the rule will act on either the first or second condition. If either of the conditions entered is valid, the operation will be applied.

For example, you may apply the rule to Price Less than 40 US Dollar OR Inventory Quantity Less than or Equal to ZERO.


Important Points to keep in mind:

  • When entering a price, use only the number without the currency.
  • When using “equals”, make sure the value you enter exactly matches the value in your feed. For example, 25.00 may not be 25, $25.00, etc.
  • Values are case insensitive.
  • When you would like to add multiple values for the same Criteria like if you would like to exclude Product which is from Newline Fashion Brand or Modern Furnish Brand then DO NOT use OR to add 2nd condition, instead use Single Condition with an operator which end with “any of” as shown in below screenshot. So that conditions or rules do not contradict with each other.

Please follow the below steps for creating a new Automated Rule within our app.

  1. From the first drop-down menu, select any one data source from the available list of predefined options for the condition.
  2. From the second drop-down menu, select the operator for the condition. For example, “contains any of” or “is less than”.
  3. Then enter the value you’d like the condition to compare against. Like Newline Fashion for Brand or Any static number for Price or Inventory Qty.
  4. Please Choose the Destination(s) from the “Set to Excluded Destination” from which filtered products should be excluded. You can select multiple destinations for any particular Automated Rule.
  5. Click “OK” to Saving particular condition/rule
  6. You can also use “ADD RULE” option to add another standalone condition that You can use to exclude products based on different criteria or just from any particular Destination(s) only which are different from the destinations chosen in the earlier rule.
  7. Click on the “Save As Draft”.
  8. Click “Apply Rules” to save and apply any new or updated rules or use “Discard Draft” for removing the Draft Rules.
  9. Please click on “Yes, Apply” when it prompts for the Final Confirmation for applying the rule.

After an Automated Rules is applied, Our app will reprocess the entire feed for submitting an updated product data to respective marketing platforms. It may take a couple of hours to reflect the updated feed within your Marketing Platform.

To edit an existing rule, click on the grey box containing the rule in the "Rule" column. Apply any changes to the rule, and then click Ok and proceed for Applying Rules to save your changes.


Please refer to the below image how it will look like once you modify any of currently applied Automated to Rule and saving it as Draft Rule.


Hope this helps!

Feel free to get in touch with us for any further assistance by emailing us at