Step by Step Integration Guide for Shopify Markets from Simprosys Google Shopping Feed app

As you might be aware, Shopify has introduced the Shopify Markets feature to allow merchants to expand their online stores into international markets allowing customers to have a more localized shopping experience. It is a global eCommerce solution where merchants can sell to multiple countries, using local language and country-specific currency.

We are thrilled to announce that you can easily implement this feature using the Simprosys Google Shopping Feed app.

It will help you submit your product feed to multiple countries in their local languages and currencies with the feasibility to use subdomains or subfolders of their primary domain or by configuring dedicated Top-level domains (TLDs).

For experiencing a smooth implementation of the Shopify Markets feature, kindly make sure you are fulfilling the below prerequisites:

• If you are looking to submit feed for different target country(ies) using their native currencies, please make sure you have a Shopify plan that is higher than the basic plan and you are using the Shopify Payments method.

• If you wish to submit feeds for different target country(ies) using their local language(s), please make sure you are using any one of these language translation apps that are whitelisted by Shopify.

Coming to the implementation process from our app, it just takes a few clicks to enable it. Kindly find the below-illustrated steps:

1. The first step is to upgrade the app by clicking on the “Upgrade App” button in the “Shopify Markets” section from the “Settings” dropdown. If you have already upgraded the app, you may start from the second step.
imageUpgrading the app will allow additional permissions to access your Shopify Markets, language translations, and other settings. Currently, there are no additional charges associated with upgrading the app as this feature is still under beta partner testing mode.

2. Once you upgrade the app, click on “Add Locales”, and then you will see the additional countries, on the left-hand side, that you have added in the markets section of your Shopify Store.

3. You may now enable the additional target countries for which you want to submit the feed by clicking on the toggle button for the respective countries.
4. Once you enable the country(ies), then from the feed locale preview option on the right-hand side of the screen, you need to select the preferred language(s) and click on save.
5. Select the checkbox "Yes, I am using any of the apps listed above for Language Translation." and click on Yes, Already verified.
Once you have completed the above steps, your products will now automatically start syncing from your Shopify store. 

Please be noted if you are submitting products to multiple countries for the first time, you might have to wait a little longer, ranging from 6 hrs to 24 hrs. The time taken to submit the feed depends upon the number of products published on your store as well as the number of countries for which you are submitting the feed. You will be notified with a confirmation email once the process is completed.

Tip: We recommend enabling around three countries at a time, as submitting multiple feeds may result in account disapproval from Google’s end.

Some key points to note:
• As we continue to work on this feature, please note that you might see a warning message if the prices for your products are changed frequently. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we work to provide the best possible experience for our merchants.

• Before saving the Local Feed settings, we suggest you to preview every combination of Local Feed. This will ensure that the data submitted for each target country uses its respective language and currency that can be verified before it is submitted to your Google Merchant Center. Further, please make sure that each and every content on your store is properly translated. This is most important to prevent any feed disapprovals or account suspensions.

• Regarding the shipping settings, kindly ensure that they are manually created in your Google Merchant Center for all the additional countries for which you have submitted the product feed. Moreover, make sure that you have created them in the same currency in which you are using to submit the feed from our app.

If you still have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team via live chat or you may write to us at