How to implement GA4 tracking from the Simprosys Google Shopping Feed app?

As you may be aware, Google recently introduced GA4 Analytics - the latest tracking option in their suite of analytics tools, which collects event-based data from both websites and apps. To keep up with this latest development, we have added the option to enable GA4 tracking directly from our Simprosys Google Shopping Feed app.

You will be glad to know that you can either choose the already created GA4 property or create new ones from within the app. This setup will help you track and report all the standard events for your online store in the most accurate manner. Currently, the standard events include add_to_cart, begin_checkout, purchase, search, view_cart, view_item, view_item_list.

Below are the simple steps that you need to follow for quick implementation:   
1. Kindly visit this link to enable the option for Google Analytics 4 event tracking
2. After clicking on the above-mentioned link, you will be prompted to select the email address that has access to your Google Analytics account.
After selecting the email ID, you will be asked to accept the permissions for accessing Google Analytics data. Click on “Allow” and proceed.

3. Now, select the Google Analytics account that you want to integrate. The next step after selecting the Google Analytics account is to select the GA4 property. You can either select an existing GA4 property or create a new one from our app.
4. After you are done with the option of GA4 property, you have to select the GA4 measurement ID. Here also, you can either select an existing one or create a new one. In case you create a new GA4 property within our app, the Measurement ID will be automatically generated. If you select an existing GA4 property, you will then have to select the respective Measurement ID. Click on confirm and proceed to the next step.
5. Finally, enable the Google Analytics Event Tracking option and you’re good to go.
After you have completed the setup, you can verify it by matching the measurement ID within the app to the G-tag on the front end of your online store.
1. Our app will automatically insert the global site tag and the event snippet to your online store using the Shopify script.
2. Since the GA4 tag and script insertion process works through Shopify Scripts, the tracking remains intact even if the current theme is customized or replaced with a new one.

For any further assistance feel free to contact us via the chat option within our app or you may write to us at

 Last updated Thu, Apr 6 2023 2:32PM

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