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In this document, we will discuss Reviews

Define Product Reviews and why it is required?

  • Product Reviews are feedback or opinions of the customers towards the particular product. 

  • Nowadays most online businesses are using product review app to allow the customer to rate and review the product they purchased

  • Product reviews play a vital role in today’s digital world. Certain factors can be known from rating and review 

  • Product Pros and Cons 

  • Product Authenticity

  • Along with it, this also creates an Engagement/Relationships between the merchant and their customers

All reviews

  • All reviews are the combination of Published, Pending, and Unpublished reviews

  • A counter is visible next to All reviews text, here it’s 787.

  • Here we have Filter options on the left side and on the right side we have a search bar

  • Filter: Filter is a process to remove or skip some unwanted information 

    • Merchant can filter on multiple options, kindly check the below-given table along with its type



Filter By



Range from 1 to 5

Reviewer Name

Text Field

Reviewer Email

Text Field

Review Title

Text Field

Review Body

Text Field

Products Name

List of Product

  • Search Bar:  Search bar is a process of finding desired information from your database

    • Here there are multiple options through which merchants can search. They are

      • Review Title: Title of your review

      • Review Content: Content that customer writes about the product they purchased

      • Product Name: Name of the product

      • Buyer Name: Name of the buyer who purchased the product


  • Favorite icon: Favorite icon is useful for the review carousel widget.

    • Selected/Mark icons will be displayed first in the review carousel section basically we can say those reviews are the favorite and need to be given higher priority

    • In case, not selected then reviews that have the highest rating will be shown first 

  • Bulk action: In order to Publish/Unpublish review in bulk, there is an option for that action

    • Bulk action saves time but take care while using it

    • Kindly refer to the given screenshot for favorite icon and bulk action



  • Review Date: The date on which the review received is called the review date

  • Review Source: There are two ways through which the review can be received, they are email and web. 

    • However, emails can be further categorized into an email link and email form

    • Kindly check the review source structure

      • Email: Here an email will be sent whenever the order is placed

        • Email link: An email in which there will be a Product URL and when you click on it, it will take a customer to the Product page

        • Email form: Here an email will have a form structure, so fill in the information and submit

      • Web: Here customers can submit a review through the review widget available on the product page and not through email.

Published Reviews

  • Whenever the reviews are received they are on the pending reviews list

  • Merchant can publish a review from the options available in the action section of the pending review list

  • Moreover, published reviews are visible on the store

  • Refer to the screenshot of the published review list

  • In the action section of the published reviews options like Edit review, Write a review reply, Unpublish Review, Delete Review are available


  • Edit review: In app, there is a functionality to edit reviews in case if somebody has written anything wrong by mistake.

    • In that case, the customers should contact the merchant to edit the review

    • When merchant click on Edit Reviews, below pop-up will open

  • Merchant can edit all the information but email id can’t be edited

  • After editing all the information kindly click on submit button, an edited review is visible on the store

  • An email of the edited review will be sent to the customer

  • In the email, the customer has an option to dismiss the updated/edited review by clicking on the ”here” text visible, kindly checked the attached screenshot for more details

  • Write a review reply: The merchants use this option if the customer gave good/bad review for the product they purchased. 

    • A popup will open after clicking on the Write a review reply

    • Enter the information/content and kindly press the “New reply” 

  • An email will be sent to the customer for the notification purpose

  • Unpublish Review: Merchant can unpublish review if the review is no more useful to them. 

    • However, the merchant can still publish the review from the unpublished review list

  • Delete Review: Merchant can delete the review if the review will be not in use in the future because there is no way to get back the deleted review

Pending Reviews

  • Reviews are by default into a pending status

  • Merchant can publish/unpublish review from here if they wish to display review on the front side

  • In the action section of the pending reviews options like Edit review, Write a review reply, Publish Review, Unpublish Review, Delete Review are available


Unpublished Reviews

  • Reviews that are not useful for merchant those falls under this category

  • However, these reviews can still be published

  • In the action section of the unpublished reviews options like Edit review, Write a review reply, Publish Review, Delete Review are available


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