How to import Reviews – Product Reviews Q&A

Still, confused about Migrating from another app to Proviews? And do not want to lose your collected reviews? Of course, the reviews are your entitled property and hence we have a perfect feature called Import reviews.

Your reviews are essential for us just as it is for you.

You can now import your previous product reviews and QA’s to Proviews.

Here we will see how the import feature works.

  • Log in to the Proviews app
  • From the Dashboard, visit Settings >> Import Export
  • Select the Reviews App you want to import from by default first is selected in our case
  • Choose your CSV file and click on Submit
  • The summary message of will be displayed at the top
  • Error message or report will be displayed and downloaded if the reviews are not imported correctly
  • You can follow the same process to import Question-Answer

Do not worry if your app is not listed, we recommend sharing a review file and we will take care of it, make sure you’re giving an app name while sharing a review file.