Email Branding Configuration in Proviews - Product Reviews Q&A

Are you looking for a complete unbranding experience? 

Here, we will see how you can get a complete unbranding experience. Simply follow the given steps:

  1. From the Dashboard, navigate to the Settings >> Email Branding Configurations

  2. Activate Email Branding

  3. Enter the subdomain you wish to keep for eg

  4. Click on Submit Subdomain

You will see entered Email Branding Configuration domain details in this section, however, the status will be pending unless all the below-explained

process is accomplished


To begin with click on DNS detail option image

A page will be opened where all the DNS related information is displayed and you have to add these records to your DNS provider management.

Usually, you can add records on your own, however, we strongly recommend adding them using our live support or you can schedule a

meeting and our experts will help you. Click here to Schedule a meeting

We have listed out some popular domain providers if you are on the list then follow their steps and you will be able to add TXT and CNAME records.

  1. GoDaddy:Add a TXT record,Add a CNAME record

  2. Namecheap:Add a TXT and CNAME record

  3. Network Solutions:Add a TXT and CNAME record

  4. Rackspace:Add a TXT record

  5. DigitalOcean:Add a TXT and CNAME record

  6. Amazon Route 53:Add a TXT and CNAME record

  7. Hostgator:Add a TXT and CNAME record

  8. Bigrock:Add a TXT and CNAME record

  9. Hostinger:Add a TXT record,Add a CNAME record

  10. Cloudflare:Add a TXT and CNAME record

Note: Some domain providers might have used different terms like Name and Target. Please refer given screenshot


Once the records are inserted in DNS management, we’d advise waiting for at least 24-48hours to verify the added records.

If the reviews are still not verified then please click on Verify DNS button in the whitelist configuration.


Once the records are verified it will show verified status 


Post verification you will have a complete unbranding experience for your store i.e No Proviews and Simprosys will be displayed anywhere