How to Flagged Review as Inappropriate

Reviews are sometimes misleading or show incorrect information than the actual scenario. Hence, visitors or customers can now Flag any Review as Inappropriate from the online store. image

To activate it, kindly Navigate to the Settings >> Review Widget >> Review Content >> Enable Review Inappropriate image

Once activated you’ll see two option of messages that can be edited to display them in your native language

  1. Report Review Message: This message will be displayed when a customer hovers over the Flag icon

  2. Report Review Success Message: This message will be displayed when the review is reported

These reviews are present in the Flagged reviews tab in the Proviews app. Here you can either Publish/Unpublish Review, Request for Edit Review or even Dismiss Flag reviews


Dismissing Flag will remove review from this list but the merchant can still able to see the review flag count by hovering over a Flag icon present in Proviews app backend. In addition to it, merchants can also check when the review was lastly flagged. 

Merchant can also Publish/Unpublish Reviews and Dismiss Flag using the Bulk action feature.