How to Sync Past Orders

“Sync Orders” is mainly used to sync past orders from Shopify. Using this feature, merchants can sync their past orders and send the review request to the customer who bought the product before installing Proviews.

To sync the past orders, navigate to Dashboard >> Sync Orders.

Proviews provides three options to sync past orders from Shopify. Merchants can sync their previous 15, 30, or 60 days orders in our app to send review requests.


When you pick a certain number of days under our app will automatically send review request emails to customers who made purchases before installing our app. The emails will go out after the chosen number of days. If you select "Do not Send," no emails will be sent to these previous orders.


Furthermore, once the order has been synced, you can see the last sync date at the bottom of the popup box. At times, the synchronization of past orders may take some time, and during this period, the last synced date will not be visible.


Moreover, the feature in our Proviews app ensures that businesses don't miss any customer feedback. It allows them to collect insights from every purchase, which can boost their growth

 Last updated Thu, Oct 19 2023 4:20PM

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