Google Customer Review and Product Reviews Program

It often gets confusing when we see two similar programs related to reviews and ratings in Google Merchant Center

like the Customer Reviews and the Product Ratings.


Google Customer Review 

Product Reviews Program

Google Merchant Center Program: Customer Reviews


Google Merchant Center Program:  Product Rating


Customer Reviews allows a customer to rate

their purchase experience with a store, once a merchant enables the program.
If a customer chooses to receive a survey through

Google Customer Reviews, Google will

send an email to that customer a few days after the order has been delivered.
Seller Rating is a part of this program that displays customer reviews of your overall business.

The Product Rating program allows a merchant

to display aggregated reviews for your products

to customers shopping on Google.

One can participate in Product Ratings

by uploading a review feed.

Benefits: Google issues the seller rating badge,

which you may put to your website to show

shoppers in a visual way that your site is associated with Google Brand.

Benefits: The ratings are displayed along

with shopping Ads, giving merchants

a competitive edge.

Eligibility: Once you’ve received 100 reviews in

the last 12 months, Google will issue the

Customer Review badge and begin displaying those reviews.

Eligibility:  A minimum of 50 published reviews

is required to be eligible for the Product Rating program.

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Let’s understand the difference with the help of an example from headphone Zone’s Ads res

Note: Google displays Customer Ratings in various formats, including the rating count with overall aggregate and in the form of a percentage of positive feedback from other customers who have previously purchased a product from the same store.

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