Refund Policy – Shopping Feed for Google, Microsoft and Multiple Marketing Platforms by Simprosys

At Simprosys, we put the foremost value in assisting our merchants to improve and scale their store’s performance. We understand that, at times, circumstances may not align with expectations, generating the need for a refund of our plugin charges. 

In such instances, we request you go through our refund policy and contact us at for any inquiries or concerns.

Our refund policy considers the following scenarios:

1. One-time refund for one month, no questions asked:

As a gesture of trust and appreciation for our valued plugin users, we offer a one-time refund request option for one month, with no questions asked. Please note that this option is only available once in the history of the store’s lifetime and the refund will be applicable for one billing cycle only. To utilize this option, kindly contact us, specifying your request for a one-time refund for one month with no questions asked. We will look into it and process it as soon as possible.

2. Refunds in case of Google Merchant Center Account Suspension:

Merchants bear the responsibility of verifying and claiming their websites, rectifying errors or warnings, and adhering to Google’s policies. Merchants are also expected to monitor their Google Merchant Center account status and promptly contact us if any issue arises. 

➤ Our plugin continues its primary function of fetching and submitting feed even during an account suspension. Apart from Google, feed submissions to other platforms like Facebook, or Microsoft could be active. Moreover, it may be possible that the account could be suspended only for a specific program while products are approved for other programs. This incurs the plugin to keep operating even during account suspensions. So though your account is suspended, our plugin is working in the background for you. Such cases are ineligible for a refund.

➤ Refunds are restricted to charges incurred after the suspension of your Google Merchant Center account and after requesting a store audit. Charges accrued before contacting us are not eligible for refunds as we require the record of when Google suspended your account. Merchants must provide precise suspension dates and screenshots of suspension emails from Google to validate the refund requests.

➤ We provide a refund for charges incurred in the current or preceding billing cycle. Plugin charges accumulated for more than two billing cycles are ineligible for refunds as we provide ample time for our merchants to address any suspension-related concerns.

To request a refund, please follow these steps:

○ Reach out to us via email or chat, providing your WooCommerce store name, Google Merchant Center account ID, precise suspension dates, and screenshots of suspension emails from Google for each store you wish to request a refund for.

○ We will verify the provided details and if eligible, will initiate the refund process from our end.

3. For merchants who have used a higher subscription plan though a lower subscription plan would have been sufficient for them:

➤ Refunds shall cover the difference of amount between the higher plan and the lowest available plan for your store, up to three months from the date of the higher plan’s approval. Despite notifying you via email about downgrading/upgrading the plugin plan, we grant an ample amount of time (three months) to be familiar with the plan. Charges incurred for more than three months are not eligible for a refund. Merchants must review their invoices and contact us within the eligible time frame to initiate a refund request.

➤ Refunds shall be processed once you have downgraded your plan and informed us of your new plan. It is the merchants’ responsibility to complete the downgrade process and notify us.

To request a refund, please follow these steps:

○ Contact us via email or chat, providing your store name or store ID, current plan, the lowest plan available for your store, and your reason for not downgrading earlier.

○ Downgrade your plan from the plugin interface and confirm your new plan with us. We will verify the provided information and initiate the refund process, as and when applicable.

4. Additional refund scenarios:

➤ Partial refunds are also available for merchants who activated the paid XML feed add-on but found it unsuitable for their desired marketing platform. Refunds cover charges incurred in the current or previous billing cycle, regardless of whether the add-on was used. We understand that such cases may arise. However, we grant you a long span of 2 billing cycles to figure out if the XML feed is relevant or not. So in such cases, charges accumulated for more than two billing cycles are ineligible for refund. To request a partial refund for the XML Feed, please contact us with the reason for using this option.

➤ Subscription to the annual charges of our plugin Shopping Feed for Google, Microsoft and Multiple Marketing Platforms by Simprosys is non-refundable under any circumstances. Once you have approved the yearly charges for the plugin, it will be considered non-refundable.

We reserve the right to decline refund requests that do not adhere to our refund policy or that we deem to be fraudulent, abusive, or unreasonable. Furthermore, we retain the right to modify or update our refund policy at any time without prior notice.

Should you have any questions or require clarification regarding refunds, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and value your feedback. Thank you for choosing our plugin and for your ongoing trust and partnership in business.