How to submit feed for Multiple Countries from our Plugin?

In this doc, we are going to understand the complete process of submitting feeds for multiple countries from our plugin “API Feed for Google Shopping and Facebook by Simprosys for WooCommerce”

Make a note of a few points while submitting feeds for multiple countries from our plugin:

  • Feed submission to multiple countries depends on the default language selected for your store in our plugin.
  • You can submit the feed for multiple countries from our plugin where the same language is accepted as your store’s default language.
  • You can refer to the Google documentation for more information regarding the languages and currencies:

  • Make sure, you have selected the same language in our plugin which is used to create the website, and do not use any translation plugin. As currently, we do not have collaboration with any language translation plugin in WooCommerce.

Moving forward to the steps on how to submit feeds for multiple countries: 

1. In our plugin, navigate to Settings > Google Shopping Settings > Check the default language of your store and to submit Feed to Additional Countries Click on “Manage Additional Countries”  



2. Refer to the information provided before selecting additional countries to submit the feed.

3. You will find a list of countries that have the same language as your store. Select the countries you would like to add as additional countries.  
4. Also, we recommend you submit only 2 additional countries at a time and wait for them to get approved. Then you can add other additional countries if you wish to.  


5. Once the feed is submitted for the additional country then wait for 5 business days to get that feed approved if there are no errors on the products.  
6. Also, keep in mind to set up the shipping and tax setting in Google Merchant Center for each additional country added. 

For detailed information on shipping settings you can refer to the help doc:

There are no additional charges to submit the feed for additional countries from our plugin.

Another method to submit feed for additional countries is from Google Merchant Center. But if you’re submitting additional countries through our plugin, please do not select the same country from Google Merchant Center as well.

Let’s understand how you can submit feeds to additional countries through Google Merchant Center.

Login to your Google Merchant Center account > Navigate to left sidebar > Products > Feeds 

The next page will be showing the “Content API” feed file.  


Click on “Content API”, then you will be able to see the Additional countries section and from there you can add the additional countries using the “Add” option. 


Select the countries you want to add from the list.  


After selecting the countries, you will be able to see the countries under the selected section and then proceed with “Save”. 

You will not have to create any new feed, just by adding the additional country you will be able to submit the feed to that country as well.

You would need to set up the shipping and tax setting separately in Google Merchant Center for the additional country.

We hope it is going to be helpful. If you have any queries on any of these options you can write to us at and we will definitely help you.