How to set up Tax Settings in Google Merchant Center? - Wix

In this document, we’ll help you understand how to set up tax settings in Google Merchant Center.

It is mandatory to submit the TAX and VAT charges in Google Merchant Center if you are charging the same on your stores.

We need to submit this data in order to get it displayed in Google Shopping results, and the buyers will be able to see the exact price breakdown of the product and the other applied charges while purchasing.

Note: You will have to set up the Tax setting for each state in the US for where you are charging the taxes as the tax setting in Google Merchant Center is only applicable for the states in the US.

For countries other than the US, add the VAT or GST with the product prices and then submit the feed to Google Merchant Center.

To set up the Tax setting, follow the procedure below:

1. Login to your Google Merchant Center account, locate the option Settings > Sales Tax
2. The next page you will be able to see is Tax Settings. Here you will see all the states as disabled which means that no sales taxes are being charged for any state.
3. The other question will be how much tax is to be collected and to be paid to the US government from which state, for this we recommend you connect with your tax advisor to get the accurate details on this.

4. Now, look into your Wix store for the tax settings and set up exactly the same in your Google Merchant Center account.

5. In the US, the tax rates vary based on buyers’ or sellers’ location. Every state has its own rule regarding whether your business is required to collect tax and how much tax to be collected.

6. For instance, consider that you operate from the state of Delaware as you have the physical store or warehouse there. So based on the Wix tax setup here, set up the same tax setting in Google Merchant Center.

Enable the switch against the state “Delaware”, there will be two options: 

• Google Determined Sales Tax: If you select this option, then Google will automatically determine the sales tax for the location of the customer.
• Custom Sales Tax: If you select this option, you can define the custom tax rate for the state.
One last option is “Is shipping and handling taxable?”: if you have set the tax rates applicable for shipping then you can check the box as “Taxable”, else you can leave it unchecked.

Once you have selected the options, scroll down to get the option of “Save” and confirm the tax setup.

We hope it is going to be helpful. If you have any queries on any of these options you can write to us at and we will definitely assist you.