How to Grant Access of Your Google Merchant Center to Our Support Team? - Wix

With the help of this doc, we’ll guide you on how to provide access to our support team to your Google Merchant Center.

Login to your Google Merchant Center account, on the home page, confirm the Google Merchant Center ID which is linked with our app.
Now click on the “Tools and Settings” icon and look for “Account Access”. 
You will be redirected to the page where you can manage the users of the Google Merchant Center.

1. Click on the “+ Add User” icon under the Users section to add users.

Note: Do not add us in the “email contact”, as it does not provide us the access. This will just add us as the contact person to your merchant center account.
2. A dialog box will open, enter the email address of our support team and click on “Add User”.
3. Make sure, you grant us permission with the “Admin” option, once the purpose for account access is served we will remove ourselves.

Note: Admin access allows us to Manage Programs tab along with add, delete or update access for fields/attributes/users if required in your Google Merchant Center. Be assured that we do not make any changes without your consent.
4. Once done, you will be able to see us added as a user with the “Admin” rights.
We hope this will be helpful. If you have any kind of query on any of these options you can write to us at and we will definitely help you.

 Last updated Thu, Jun 8 2023 2:55PM

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