How to Verify Shopify Store Domain in Google Merchant Center?

These are the steps to verify and claim your store's website (primary domain) in your Google Merchant Center account.

Step 1:
* Sign in to your Google Merchant Center
* From the navigation menu, click the tools & settings icon
* Select Business information under “Tools”
* Click the Website tab.
Step 2:
Please enter the URL for your online store under the website address field. It should be the Primary domain of your Shopify store and should be starting with https://. Then Click Continue.
Step 3:
From the “Verify your website” section, select as your preferred method. This method will work best and be easy for the Shopify-based online store.
Then select “Add an HTML tag”.
Copy the HTML Tag & paste it under section of the ‘theme.liquid’ file of your store's active theme.
Navigate back to the Google Merchant Center page and click “Verify Website”.

Step 4:
Clicking on Verify website will display the Verified status under the store domain instantly.
To complete the domain verification and claiming process, click the Claim website button.
Step 5:
Once the Domain is verified and claimed in your Google Merchant Center, please proceed ahead with App integration steps by clicking on “Yes, I’ve Verified and Claimed Domain” Button.