How to Verify Google Customer Reviews Opt-in Module’s Technical Integration by placing a Test Order?

Once you have gone through all the previous steps properly,  you need to follow below-given steps to make sure the app is able to help you let your customers start getting Google's Review Requests. 

  1. Go to the store front. 
  2. Try placing order. 
  3. While placing an order, make sure you don't go wrong in following notes:
    • Make sure you are browsing from supported countries. Don't browse the site from the countries where this program is not available. 
    • Do not use proxy browsing or VPN to place the order via supported countries. 
    • Do not use customer's email address which is used to create merchant center or connected with store domain. e.g. if your store is then do not use any email address on that domain like... * If your store's merchant center is on then don't use that email as customer's email. 
    • Use appropriate billing and shipping address of the customer . The address must be from supported countries again. 
  4. If you have followed above given instructions, complete the order and wait till  the order confirmation page appears. Order Confirmation page must show Google Customer Reviews' survey request opt-in popup  as shown in below-given example:image image
  5. Note :  You will not receive review request immediately after placing the order. You will receive survey request about the merchant only after the product is expected to be delivered to the customer. 
  6. Google uses estimated shipping period from the app configurations step of the app. 
  7. So, you can expect survey requests from Google ideally after shipping duration + up to 7 days.