What Is Inventory and How Inventory Behaviour Works in Our App?

Inventory is defined as the quantity of a particular product/variant that is available for sale.

Post installing our application, there will be a Title called Inventory Behaviour with multiple options, they are explained below with description:

1. Bypass Inventory Modification: Many times merchants don’t track the inventory quantity as they normally ship out the product within 2 days irrespective of the quantity in stock. Many of them produce the products once they get the order. So, they don’t track the inventory quantity of the products they sell. When you have selected this option, our app will not reduce the quantity of the inventory even if they are being tracked by Shopify.

2. Decrease Inventory: This option reduces the quantity of the products whenever any particular product or variant is ordered by the same quantity as that of order.

This is essential to avoid overselling issue of the products, plus it helps merchants to maintain the inventory stats in the perfect health.

If your product data feed is submitting wrong quantities or not submitting quantities at all, then you may face the issue of overselling on Buy on Google.

For Proper Inventory Quantity Syncing, we strongly advise you to use only Feed For Google Shopping to submit the correct quantity of each variant to the Google Merchant Center. No other app along with this app for anything Google Shopping. 

 Last updated Wed, Mar 17 2021 6:15PM

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