How to Use Additional Image Feature?

We have just launched a feature to submit Additional Images for the products in the Feed. Let’s see how it works.

Our App will submit Additional Images based on Image ALT Text and Image URL. Let’s see, how exactly it will submit images for Products with no variants & Product with multiple Variants (like Color & Size Options).

  1. Products with No Variants: It will submit up to 10 additional images other than image submitted in the Image Link Attribute. By default, our App submits the Featured image as Image link attribute in the Feed. So, in this case, it will submit 2nd to 11th images for the product as additional images. If you have used “Use Second Image for the Product having no Variant” for Product Image Option. Our app will submit the Featured Image (1st image) & 3rd to 11th Images as Additional Images in the Feed to your Google Merchant Center.image
  2. Products with Multiple Variants: Our App submits the variant assigned image as the Product Image attribute in the feed. And if no image is assigned to any particular variant then the Featured Image (1st image) will be submitted as Product image attribute in the Feed. Now, for submitting Additional Images for any particular variant, our App takes SKU of the variant and Variant option name itself into consideration.
    • Image ALT Text: If you have assigned Image ALT text for images then our App will match Variant option name or SKU with Image Alt text and if Image ALT text contains SKU or Variant Option name then that particular image will be submitted as the Additional Image.imageimageimage
  3. Image URL: If your Image URL itself contains SKU of the Products then all the image containing SKU of any Variant will be submitted as Additional Images. Below listed URLs will be submitted as Additional images for Orange color Chair variant:             enable submitting Additional Images for your products in the Feed. You will need to select checkbox shown in below screenshot and Re-sync the Feed.image

 Last updated Fri, May 1 2020 5:14PM

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