Why Should You Go for Google Shopping Actions Orders App?

Google Shopping Actions App is mainly for Syncing of Orders and their Updates in between Google Shopping Actions Orders and Shopify backend. This app does not sync products data (feed) from Shopify to your Merchant Center. You can use any other product data feed that is in compliance with the requirement of Google Shopping Action Program. 

However, we advise you to use our Feed For Google Shopping for product data (feed) submission to Google Merchant Center.

  1. As it syncs, just Google Shopping Actions orders, you can continue using your existing feeding service without any conflict as far as your product feed is having Variant ID in the Link of each and every product submitted.
  2. Merchant already selling on Google Express can opt for this App to sync orders automatically from Google Shopping Actions to Shopify.
  3. This app avoids manual processing of the orders received on Google Express Store. It just uses your Shopify’s Fulfilment process with which merchants either have automatic fulfilment setup or can process the fulfillments manually with the greater ease.
  4. Why syncing orders, inventory is updated accordingly if you are tracking inventory on your Shopify Store. So, it becomes very easy to track and manage the inventory quantity.
  5. For returned orders, Inventory quantity is added back to Stock automatically in the Shopify using the Google Shopping Actions App.
  6. Google Express Customers will get the fulfilment details you add in the Shopify’s Dashboard.
  7. Issue the refund in part or full easily from the Shopify's interface with which merchants are very comfortable.

 Last updated Sat, May 2 2020 8:17PM

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