Who can Install Order Sync for Google Shopping App?

Google Order Sync for Google Shopping App is mainly for Syncing of Orders and their updates in between Buy on Google and Shopify backend. This app does not sync product data (feed) from Shopify to your Google Merchant Center. You can even use any other product data feed that is in compliance with the requirement of the Buy on Google Program for feed submission.

However, we advise you to use our Feed For Google Shopping for product data (feed) submission to Google Merchant Center.

Below given are the checkpoints a merchant must beat to use the Order Sync for Google Shopping App effectively:

  1. Default currency of the store must be USD or Euro (France), other currencies may be added by Google in future down the line.
  2. Merchants should be doing good in their own stores and must have a prolonged history of its store. Those who are just starting up with the new store may not get approval for Buy on Google.
  3. Merchants must have a working Google Merchant Center.
  4. Merchant must be approved for Buy on Google program by Google. If your merchant center account is not approved, kindly apply here to Google.
  5. Merchants must submit the product data (feed) that is in compliance with Google Buy on Google guidelines. If you are clueless about product data submission for Google Buy on Google, we have a Feed For Google Shopping App for feed submission that does this job quite satisfactorily with some Buy on Google Specific Features. Link of that app is given in the description.
  6. For Product Data submission, you can use any other feeding app or service for Product Data Submission, but the product URLs must end with Variant ID for each product. Even if you are submitting only one product.

 Last updated Wed, Mar 17 2021 6:22PM

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