What is Capture Payment and How to Enable it in Order Sync for Google Shopping App?

Capture Payment helps you in capturing an amount for any particular order placed via Buy on Google Product Listings.

It captures the amount value from the customer for the current order total. Once the merchant has verified that they are able and ready to begin shipping the order, this method should be invoked.

How it will benefit Merchants?

Until the payment processor responds, this method remains blocked. If this method succeeds, the merchant is guaranteed to receive payments for the order after shipment. If the request fails, it can be retried or the order may be cancelled.

This method cannot be called after the entire order is already shipped.

When a payment service provider declines a charge, a rejected error code is returned.

This shows that there is an issue with the PSP and either the merchant's or the customer's account. The customer may be able to fix this problem in some cases. If the items cannot be held, we propose retrying these errors once per day or cancelling the order with the reason " failedToCapture Funds".

How one can enable this feature within our app’s interface?

Within our app’s interface navigate to the settings tab on the top and select “capture payment” from the dropdown.

Enable the checkbox payment option which says “ Enable capture payment service” to activate this feature.


Once the capture payment is enabled from the App interface our team will review your store for the eligibility of this feature and will enable it from the backend.

A confirmation email will be sent to you, once the feature is ready to go live.

 Last updated Tue, Nov 16 2021 6:01PM

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