Step - 2: Badge code and checkout script insertion. - Google customer reviews

Sub-Step-1: Badge Code Insertion. 

Hit the button given in the screenshot. It will insert "gts.liquid" snippet in the "theme.liquid". For stores migrating from Google Trusted Store program of the app, it will update the "gts.liquid" snippet already present in the theme. 

Sub-step-2: Checkout Script. 

Copy the script code given in the box and paste it in the Settings > Checkout > Additional Scripts box. 
Important notes about this script:
  • For stores migrating from Google Trusted Store App, please remove already existing script and then paste the new script given by app. 
  • For Plus Stores, this script contains Opt-in Module code itself. 
  • For Non-plus Stores, this script is actually re-direction script, which will redirect your customers from Shopify's regular confirmation page to the confirmation page set up by the app. 

 Last updated Tue, Jul 30 2019 4:35PM

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