Step - 1: GCR configuration - Google customer reviews app

1 - What is Google Merchant Center ID?

  1. To get Google Merchant Center Account ID, click here. Signup, if you have not signed up for it. Complete the procedure as per instructions  given here
  2. After an account is setup, enable Google Customer Reviews. Instructions are given here.  (For stores migrating from Google Trusted Store accounts, it is enabled by default.)
  3. After enabling Google Customer Reviews, you can locate Merchant Center Account ID from top left corner. Refer this screenshot:

2 - What is Base Language?

Select the language of your online store from the drop-down. Drop-down list has only those languages which are supported by Google.
If you have any other language on your store, please do not take the integration forward.  

3 - Select duration of the shipment:

Google needs to know the time taken by your company to deliver the orders. Google sends review requests only after this duration.
So, select this duration carefully. It should be in such a way that your customers have received the product before Google's review request. 

4 - Badge Position:

Badge Position has only 3 options. Select the position according to obstruction-free space available on your online store. 

5 - Opt-in Popup Position:

Opt-in Popup appears in the "Order Confirmation" page setup by the app. You can select Opt-in Popup position from the following:
  1. Center
  2. Bottom
  3. Bottom-left
  4. Bottom-right
  5. Top-left
  6. Top-right

6 - Show or Hide Badge

The badge will show you 0.0 ratings until your total review counts in last 12 months crosses 150. It is recommended to hide the badge till your store crosses 150 reviews and shows actual ratings. 

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