Pricing of Customer List for Google Ads

By default, our app provides you with two Customer Lists which you can use for various kinds of campaigns and use cases exampled  here

By default Available Lists:

1 - Customers List: This list includes customers who have made the purchase on your store. List building starts from the day app is installed. 
2 - Cart Abandoners List: This list includes all the customers who have initiated the checkout but did not do due to certain reason. Again this list building also starts from the day app is installed. 
Charge:  Charge for Default lists is $2.99/M. This Charge amount is basic and will have to be activated irrespective of the usage of the above given two lists. 

Custom List Options:

You can build the list by using various rules based on your campaign creation preferences. Here are different rules based on which you can create the list. 
1 - Order Price: This list will be created based on the Value of an order placed by each customer. Options are:
  1. Less than an amount
  2. Greater than an amount
  3. Equals to an order amount
  4. Not Equals to an order amount
2 - Shipping Location: Customers will be put in the list based on the Billing Address Location and filter used by you why creating the list. The options are:
  1. By Country
  2. By State, Multiple States can be selected
3 - Order Tag: Based on Tagging done by you on your orders, you can create the list of customers who placed an order with a particular tag you have assigned to. 
4 - Product Vendor: You can create a list based on the Vendor of the product ordered. Options are:
  1. Orders containing products from a particular vendor,
  2. Orders Not containing products from a particular vendor
5 - Order Date Range: This list will include all the customers who have placed the order as per the Selected Order Range. Options are:
  1. Order place in the last 1 month
  2. Order place in the last 3 months
  3. Order place in the last 6 months
  4. Order place in the last 12 months
  5. Order place before 1 month
  6. Order place before 3 months
  7. Order place before 6 months
  8. Order place before 12 months
6 - Order Count: This list includes all the customers based on the Order Count Filter you have select. Options are:
  1. Never Placed The order
  2. Once once. 
  3. More than 1 order
  4. More than 3 orders
  5. More than 5 orders
  6. More than 10 orders
  7. More than 25 orders
7 - Total Spend: This list will prepare the list of customers based on their lifetime value with your business. Options are:
  1. Greater than X Amount
  2. Greater than and Equals to X Amount
  3. Less than X Amount
  4. Less than or Equals to X Amount
Charge for Each Custom Rule-Based List:
$2.99/M For each List. 

Historical Customer's Inclusion in the Lists:

By default, the List building will start from the day app is installed and will consider only those customers who place the orders from the day app is installed. The app will be able to work with customers of the past upon paying a one-time charge of $2.99/1000 Customers. Once Historical data is synced with the app, you will not have to pay it again and again for any other list. It is just one time for all the lists you are going to use that data for. 

 Last updated Fri, Apr 15 2022 12:18PM

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