Missing Product Data error in Google Merchant Center

Google has just updated the user interface for Google Merchant Center, so now some of the sections are one & another section from one to another, like Shipping Settings, Tax Settings & Business data are moved under Settings (Tool icon on Header). They have also updated some of their native functionality due to which merchants are facing issues with their submitted feed.
Most common issue Merchants are facing is “Missing Product Data” in their Google Merchant Center or them “No Data” is shown in Diagnostics page.
Actually, there is nothing to worry about, you will just need to enable the Surfaces across Google Shopping ads and Dynamic Remarketing programs from your Google Merchant Center as applicable and needed.
Yes, you have read it right, It should be enabled as required as well as applicable.

  1. Surfaces across Google Program is currently available only in the USA and India, so if your primary target country not USA or India, then you do not need to enable this program in your Google Merchant centre. If you have already enabled it you will see “Missing Product Data” error for it as Feed is will not be auto-selected as your primary targeting country is other the United States or India. So in such a case, you can deactivate it. To Deactivate, click on “Continue” for Set up surfaces across Google and choose “Cancel Setup” option shown blue section.

  2. Shopping Ads: You will need to enable it if you want to start running Shopping ads for your products on Google Shopping. If you do not enable this program, your feed will not be reviewed by Google.

  3. Dynamic Remarketing: You will need to also enable this program if it is not by default enable this for your account & if you also want to retarget your website visitors who have visited your store previously & taken some important action on your store, like Product page view or Added product to cart but not purchased. You can retarget these visitors by running Dynamic Remarketing Campaign. Dynamic Remarketing program (Dynamic Remarketing Ads) is also very important if you wish to run the Smart Shopping Campaign in your Google Ads account. Some merchants do not want to run Dynamic Remarketing ads, for those they are not required to enable this program like adult-oriented products are not disallowed for Dynamic Remarketing Ads, so merchants selling this kind of products can leave it disabled.
To enable these programs please follow below steps or go through this help video.
  1. Log in to your Google Merchant Center.
  2. Click on Growth section from Left Sidebar
  3. Select ‘Manage Programs’ to see all the Google Merchant Center programs
Please note: We have shown just part of the integration process in this video if you are facing any issue with integration you can go through step by step integration video from here: https://support.simprosys.com/faq/step-by-step-integration-guide

Enabling Google Shopping Ads Program:
While enabling Shopping Ads Program, you are required to complete 5 steps as follows

Shipping Rates: You will need to add Shipping Settings in your Google Merchant Center: Here is the video for your convenience: https://support.simprosys.com/faq/how-to-fix-missing-shipping-information-error

Product Feed (Which is submitted by our app): This steps will be automatically fulfilled once Google will review & approve your submitted feed, which usually takes 3-5 days.

Website: You will need to verify & claim your Shopify store domain in your Google Merchant Center, please follow this help video: https://support.simprosys.com/faq/how-to-verify-domain

Google ads account: You will also need to link your Google Ads account with your Google Merchant Center, so you can sync your Approved feed with your Google ads account in order to use it while creating a Shopping / Dynamic Remarketing Campaign for your products.

Important Note: Please make sure to only enable ADULT CONTENT CHECKBOX when you are selling products which should be only advertised to Adult (Above 18 Years Old). If you are selling Generic products as well as Adult Oriented products then you can also just submit “ ADULT” Attribute from our App for those Adult orient products only using Bulk Edit Feature or from individual product details page by selecting checkbox available under “Listing Details” Section. No need to Select ADULT CONTENT CHECKBOX while enabling this Shopping Ads Programs.

Also, After performing all above steps as well as agreeing to comply all the Shopping Ads Policies, you might still unable to activate this program if your Products are still under initial review by Google which usually takes 3-5 days to be approved.

Once Feed is approved you will be able to activate this program in your Google Merchant Center to start your Google Shopping journey for running Ads on Google Shopping network. 

 Last updated Fri, Jan 29 2021 6:26PM

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