Simprosys Product Question & Answers app installtaion guide for all Shopify stores

Have a look at this Video for App Installation and Setup.

Step - 1: Code Snippet Insertion.

  • App Injects Code when you install it for the first time. Snippet is added into Current Live theme. You can find it here, Please, keep in the mind, app does not inject the code snippet in to your other themes. You will have to comeback to Step-1 again to insert it or you can just create a new snippet and copy the code from the out going theme.
  • If you push other theme to live and code is not injected, you have to inject code using this button. (Please note, this button will be visible only when your new theme does not have the snippet inserted.)

Step - 2: Inclusion of Snippet

  1. Please copy the code snippet and paste it to Product.liquid Template.
  2. Mostly, it is at the lowest part of products page, so paste it in the Last Line of HTML in product.liquid. If you have any scripts in the lower section of the Product.liquid, it is recommended to put paste the code above scripts.
Simp Questions Answers Step-2.png

Step - 3: Addition of Recommended Widgets (optional)

You should add " Ask A Question" Button at prominent location within product page template so that people get to know that they can get answers to their concerns about the product.
Following are the key points you should keep in mind while putting Ask A Question Button.
  • Acts as a CTA button, increases number of Questions you receive and that is Good Problem to have.
  • More number of questions means more Answers. Each Published answer updates product page content and helps in SEO.
  • Put it at a prominent place with slightly lesser prominence than Add to Cart Button.
  • Helps people know that they can ask you question about the products.
  • Below given are some of the Examples of Nicely placed button.
  • You should customize the Look and Feel of the Button If needed.

Here are some of Examples we have for you:
Ask-A-Question Button Demo-3.png
Ask-A-Question Button Demo-2.png

Ask-A-Question Button Demo-1.png

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