How to Find the Correct Product ID Format You are Using to Submit the Products to Google Merchant Center?

The product ID is defined as the unique character code which helps Google to distinguish all products. Once the product ID is assigned to any of the product, we recommend to not change it. Just in case if we are changing the product ID, then ultimately we are overwriting the product and its history. This can cause an issue in SEO.
Below is the process we recommend to double verify the product ID 
  1. Post installing our application, authenticate the app with your Google Merchant Center. That will establish a connection with your Google Merchant Center.
  2. Product ID format Selection is very crucial for efficient syncing of your Buy on Google orders with Shopify. If they don’t match properly with the product ID in Shopify, the app will not be able to sync the orders with Shopify.
  3. In the Header section, there is an option called Setting.
  4. To make things easy, we give you an option below the "Product ID format of your Shopping Feed" from where you can check the product ID.
  5. Click on the text "Not aware of the correct Product ID? Click Here!" which gives results about the Actual product ID which the customer is submitting to Google Merchant Center and the one we recommend.
  6. Below this user will get multiple options to select the correct product ID format most of the time it will be same as what we recommended

 Last updated Wed, Mar 17 2021 6:14PM

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