How to Enable and Upload Photo/Video in Proviews - Product Reviews Q&A

Why Reviews with Photos and Videos?
  • Reviews with Photos and Videos can be a valuable asset to your online store 

  • Hence, merchants can now collect and showcase reviews on their website using this feature

  • Customers can now get the real information about the product before purchasing

  • For this reason, photo and video of the product is an awesome way for customers get a feel of how the product showcase in reality

  • Yes you heard it right, Photos and Video are available right from the beginner plan, so even small businesses can enjoy the benefit of it

How to enable this feature? 

  • From the Dashboard, open Settings >> Review Widget 

  • Now scroll down you will see a section “Review Attachments


  • Activate Review Attachments: Reviewers can upload photo/video only if this feature is enabled. Once if it’s enabled, the upload icon will appear in the Write a Review widget

  • Show Attachments: Enabling this feature will show thumbnails of the photo/video in the Review Widget  If it’s disabled thumbnails will disappear.

  • Thumbnail width: Merchant can decide the width of the thumbnails from here, maximum it can be 100 and minimum it can be 10. 

How to upload Photo/Video?

  • Once the feature is enabled there are 2ways through which reviewers can upload photo/video

  • The most and prominent way is to upload images through the Product detail page. Fill in all the details in the review widget and you will see an upload icon. You can upload photo/video from there

  • Another way is through an email form template

    • Customers receive a review request via email, fill up the details and submit

    • If the details are filled then they will be redirected to the page where reviewers can upload photo/video. Please check the given screenshot.

    • If the details aren’t filled then they will be redirected to the page where reviewers can enter all the details and can also upload photo/video

    • Uploading of Photo/Video will be optional in both the case

    • After entering details a “Thank you” page will be displayed


 Last updated Mon, Sep 6 2021 4:28PM

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