Required Values for Bing Shopping Feed App

  • Bing Shopping Feed App for Shopify app works over the top of Google Shopping App. It is done to avoid duplicate work to be done for shopping campaigns on Bing and Google. 
  • Make sure you have submitted following values in their respective fields(wherever applicable) in Google Shopping App for each product. 
  1. Google Shopping Categories
  2. Product Conditions
  3. Gender
  4. Age Group
  5. Custom Product Details
  6. GTIN
  7. ISBN
  8. Brand Name
  9. Custom Labels
  10. Product Types
  11. Product & variant IDs
  12. Custom Labels
  13. Product and Variant Images
  • Once you have submitted respective values, you can re-generate the feed. 

 Last updated Mon, Aug 19 2019 4:39pm

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