Functions of Order Sync for Google Shopping

Order Sync for Google Shopping App mainly functions for Syncing Buy on Google Orders and their updates in between Google Merchant Center and Shopify backend. This app does not sync product data (feed) from Shopify to your Google Merchant Center. You can even use any other product data feed that is in compliance with the requirement of the Buy on Google Program for feed submission. 

You can opt to sell on Buy on Google, the sales platform gaining popularity like anything.

Functions of 
Order Sync for Google Shopping App:

Sync Buy on Google Orders

  1. With this app, you can automatically sync your Buy on Google orders to the Shopify Stores. Process the orders using your existing order processing integrations of your Shopify Store.
  2. While syncing the orders, the app automatically tags the customers and orders as per the app settings. This tagging helps a lot in the filtering of the reports in the Shopify Dashboard for various purposes like tax calculations, channel-wise sales data analysis, etc.

Fulfil Buy on Google Orders

  1. Use your own already set fulfilment process of your Shopify Backend to fulfil the orders collected on Buy on Google through this app.
  2. Buy on Google Customers will get the fulfilment details you add in the Shopify Dashboard.

Easily Handle the Buy on Google Returns and Refunds From Shopify.

  1. Returns are added back to Stock automatically in Shopify.
  2. You can issue a refund for a Product in part or full from Shopify's interface.

 Last updated Mon, Nov 21 2022 11:31AM

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