For Which Countries And Currencies Google Shopping Feed App Works?

Google Shopping Feed App works for all the countries with their currencies and languages supported by Google. 
This is just an example list of countries, currencies and languages supported, but it is not limited to it.
Please have a look at the comprehensive list of countries, languages, and currencies for which this app can work.
Please keep in mind that the app submits feed only in one country of your store's default currency. Have a look at below given examples:
Sr. No Store's Default Currency Target Country of the Feed Language Options
1 USD United States of America English
2 CAD Canada English or French 
3 GBP United Kingdom English
4 EUR Austria, Belgium, France, Germany,
Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, 
German, English, French, Dutch,
Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, 

 Last updated Wed, Nov 28 2018 6:30pm

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